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Imperiernas kamp

Svoboda flaggor.jpg

In this country (Sweden) now condemn all politicians, rightly , the political violence . But political violence on the Maidan in Kiev, which led to the democratically elected president was overthrown they criticize not, even backing up because it fits what is ideologically and politically correct in Sweden and Western States. What hypocrisy of those good Democrats!

 In Ukraine, it may look like a battle mainly between East and West and a revival of the Cold War. And it is an important aspect of the conflict, but not the whole story. Western powers and their spearhead NATO are constantly trying to nibble into Russia's old areas of interest, not without success in Eastern Europe. Therefore, they have with different ways of agents , money and politicians intrigued against Yanukovych regime. U.S. Sen. John McCain had a meeting with Svoboda fascist leader Oleh Tyahnybok .

Ukraine is a deeply divided country. In the western part throws Liberals yearning glances at the EU and believe that membership would give a real boost for the country, while the ultra- nationalists have a strong nationalist agenda. They are not interested in the EU. Eastern Ukraine on the other hand has a Russian culture and strong economic cooperation with Russia. There, one realizes that the agreement with the EU, would mean great harm to its business.

The protests on the Maidan was taken over by ultra- nationalists from Svoboda and Pravy Sector, far right, who in February armed themselves and began firing live ammunition at police. This led to the armed conflict in which 20 policemen and 70 activists were killed. Contrary to the angled image, usually presented in the Western media, is it the ultra- nationalists and fascists that caused the catastrophic escalation of the conflict.

Western Ukraine has a frightening history when the German Nazis occupied the country and local fascists helped the Nazis to do away with the Jews. Svoboda, who initially called themselves The National Socialist Party of Ukraine , with Hitler salutes and Waffen SS 's symbol Wolf Trap (or wolf hook ) carries on these traditions and opinions and has made hateful statements about Jews. Their leader Olek Tyahnybok has called for struggle against the " Moscow - Jewish mafia " and "other scum who want to take over Ukraine." Svoboda got 58 percent in recent elections in the Ivano -Frankivsk Oblast. Now Svoboda has four representatives in government even as Deputy Prime Minister.

Viktor Yanukovych and his regime was corrupt (which seems to be much of Ukraine). He had certainly lost the election next year, but the hooligans at Maidan could not wait for a democratic process to dismiss him. Was this worth 100 human lives? This I want to ask the Swedish foreign minister  Carl Bildt who frantically supported the mob rule and Svoboda ministers, who also are his friends.


The conflict in Ukraine reflects a battle between two empires, who want to defend and expand their spheres of influence. When the Soviet Union collapsed they also lost the fight for influence in Africa and Asia. Later, it has gone the same way in Eastern Europe. In the corresponding


extent, the U.S. and the EU have been able to expand their areas of interest and penetrate deeper into the Soviet Union near areas of interest, now guarded by Russia, the Soviet heir . Ukraine has for centuries been very important for Russia and the U.S. / EU have apparently misread Russia's willingness, by all means, keep Ukraine within its sphere .

Today imperialism is not primarily to retain areas of land, but on movements and financial flows : capital, services , culture, information , resources and manpower. Neoliberal globalization is the driving force of modern empire building, backed and supported by strong economic interests . The empires seeks to open and establish new markets for the products and other products while ensuring the availability of raw materials (called geoimperialism ) .

The empire would then exploit countries consumption ability and natural resources. It is more about economic exchanges than on political or military power. Modern empires built and maintained primarily by economic entanglement and the formation of supranational bodies.

Today wins the empire that is economically and technically superior in terms of production, including ideological production via media of all kinds. The military plays a role, but more as the ultimate power factor, they would rather not use. The U.S. has such divided the world into five military watch area : Latin America, Europe , the Middle East , the Pacific and North America with 700 military bases in 150 countries , making the U.S. by far strongest, but not invincible .

Empire wants through its flow of goods, services and culture create an appeal that citizens appreciate. These prospects want to convey to citizens in the periphery, to get them interested in getting under the empire's umbrella. Ukraine is a case in point, when the U.S. and the EU want entice them over to their sphere of influence.

U.S. and EU want to appear as a benevolent hegenom, offering citizens the best living conditions in the world. They play on their citizens' self-righteous attitude. This is very evident when you reside in the U.S., where many expressed that they live in the best country in the world. This is why so many in the periphery looking to get there.

With this approach, I see two great empires and one becoming: U.S. / EU, Russia and China. It is primarily ideological empires to promote and secure the neoliberal hegemony. U.S. / EU whose productive forces is economically and technologically superior are gaining ground and is backed by the World Bank and the IMF. (NATO is mainly for an extremely military threat.) Which of the empires that will win in the long run is uncertain. But in the case of Ukraine USA / EU tries to exploit a political vacuum to get the country in its sphere of influence.

American Imperialism