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Dema-gogue Trump

Trump 4.jpg

The US is the world's leading nation, not least in terms of military capability. If a self-centered, aggressive person who has poor self-control, will be the chief of the superpower, many of us will lie sleepless at nights and at days have a stomach ache because of anxiety and fear.

How in God's name have the American political system hatched out such a total misfit presidential candidate as Donald Trump? In Europe experiencing probably many that American politics and especially presidential campaigns is a big stunt. But it is a dangerous spectacle, which ultimately can have disastrous consequences, not only for the US but for the world.
Donald Trump is a spoiled, self-centered and selfish upper-fry, which exclusively looks to his private interests and his own person. He is so self-absorbed and arrogant, he completely lack the ability to self-criticism and to accept criticism from other people. Anyone who dares to criticize Trump has put his last potatoes at the business world there Trump has influence. Often he himself carry out the execution.
His view of women also reflects the self-satisfied, upper class fry with a bully mentality  and perverse macho psyche. The woman is a nice toy in his hands. She is for him, nothing else. Trump pretend to speak in the election campaign for the average American and that he will make America great and awe again. But it is only his own interests that matters. So it has been and is in his business and he is a candidate just because of his own, prestige-related needs and interests.
He feels himself that he is smart, but his political messages are most empty rhetoric and demagoguery, which shows that he does not have much control of what it means to be a top politician and president. With his arrogance and omnipotence before he reflects that he can change America and the world if he becomes president. Would he, against all odds, to become president, he will stir up chaos in office and administration. He thinks he should be able to handle the US the way  he managed his business: authoritarian and degrading for the staff. And with the huge risk-taking, that others may have to fix when it goes wrong. Then the banks he defrauded of huge loans got to go in and rescue him and the business, because it would cost too much if he rippled. As president of the United States, it will be the taxpayers who will bear the piper when the finances are ruined.
The voters may not know much about his political platform and program of action. But it seems not to matter to those who support him. He wins the sympathy and votes of the most reactionary layers in the United States: the utkickade, unemployed and bankrupt wretch among peasants and workers. They do not understand much of advanced policies and choose to believe Trump's demagogy and because they dislike the political establishment in general. Sadly, they do not realize that Trump is a guy who really despise them, use them as cannon fodder. For Trump's only winners something to take heed of.
Hillary Clinton's problem is that she is a very experienced and knowledgeable politician, belonging to the establishment that the enraged mass of subclass think are indebted to their problems. Jealousy spurts from the eyes of the humiliated, unemployed poor people who are interviewed on America's depraved bars in the country's cities and communities.
America's big problems is that there are an awful lot of unhappy people, victims of globalization. Gone are the days when the United States by far the world could ride on their enormous natural and financial resources and highly developed technology. Trump deceiving them into believing that he can do something about all this if he becomes president. It is the election campaign's biggest scam!



Wednesday morning it snows. The morning light has been difficult to break through and it is unusually cold for the season. On radio and TV news flows on Donald Trump's big victory in the presidential election. A shock wave rolls over the world. An unstable and aggressive person with poor impulse control become America's next president with an opportunity to press the button that could trigger a world war. We hold your breath.
How could things go so badly? My many friends in the United States believed - and assured me - that 90 percent were sure that Hillary Clinton would win the election. For them, Donald Trump has been and is a deeply embarrassing embarrassment in American politics, that they are ashamed of. Now they are embarrassed even more by the fact that in the US there were so many people who want such a hateful person without political experience as president.
That it went so bad, they mean, is because many citizens who are not doing well in US wanted a really change. These people had hoped that Obama's talk of change would mean something in reality and give them a better life. But of this was nothing and it is the political establishment fault. Therefore, the working men and women voted in a political outsider, who they believe should pursue policies in their interest. And that is what Trump promised - and said that he is the hard-working and neglected the people's candidate. These groups feel that "the American dream" is not for them but status quo.
Many of these citizens in the polls not wanted to say that they would vote for Trump, because in the middle class US and its media world it is not opportune. Therefore, this surprising and shocking election results. Winner of the elections is the most conservative part of the population and in the Republican Party. These politicians, who also has the majority in Congress will now continue the dismantling of the US version of the welfare state. And "Obama care" at the top of the list.
The amazing thing is that Trump's voters believe in his demagogic slogan to "take back the country and make it great and powerful again." How should a yuppie capitalist- who the banks had to rescue - with no political experience of working in Washington, be able to carry out the election promises? The whole thing is mostly a propaganda scam and Trump's voters are likely to become even more disappointed and bitter. Hard times await the US.
The main issues and problems in this election campaign has been immigration, terrorism and globalization economic implications and effects of the so-called "blue collar workers," ie, the working class and poor peasantry. Trump has delivered simple, slogan-rate solutions to these problems, while Clinton represents the policies Obama brought. Trump has frantically trumpeted that he is the man of the ordinary people, while Hillary Clinton is one of the foremost representatives of the political establishment, whose policies have been a failure for others than middle and upper classes. Clinton stands for these voters for something they deeply despise and hate and this has been her in a barrel. Furthermore, this restricted, conservative bunch, will never accept a woman as president. All this has favored Trump and the media has not understood what is moving among the grass roots, where its reporters has no roots.
Outside my window the snow increased and wet snow weighing down trees - feels like a symbol of the spirit right now. I freeze indoors.

Trump 5.jpg


The surprise was large when Donald Trump won the presidential election. The polls had shown that Hillary Clinton would win. Clinton also got two million more votes than Trump. Clinton got 59.9 percent of the votes and Trump 59.7. If approximately seventy thousand votes had fallen differently in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin had Hillary Clinton stood victorious. In fact Clinton got three million more votes than Trump.
Voter turnout in the US is often low by Swedish standards. Rarely not much more than 50 percent. In this election it varied between the states from 36.9 to 68.1 with an average of 55.6 by an electorate college of 231 600 000. It is three percent lower than the last election when Obama won (in Sweden's participation is often around 85%).

The reason for low turnout is because many without higher education do not think it make any difference whether they participate or not. The political establishment run their race as they want anyway. In addition, you must pre-register to vote, and this will not be done if you do not intend to vote.

Those who voted this time for Trump belongs to a category who have a typically very low turnout. But this time managed Trump and Co to get an unusually large number of these people to vote. In several of the swing states such as Florida, Michigan and North Carolina, the voter turnout increased compared to 2012 and it favored Trump.

Trump got many votes from workers, poor peasants and the unemployed - both men and women. Despite his attitude to women he received 46 percent of female voters. The strongest support he received from older, white males who lack higher education. Latinos, who Trump attacked, voted 30 percent for him! But only eight percent black.

Clinton got fewer votes among young college educated than Obama did and it may be that many of them supported Sanders and were disappointed that he was knocked out by Clinton in premiere elections. They criticized Clinton for unfair practices before Congress in which the political establishment manipulated out Sanders. After the Convention several critics said to media that they would not vote for Clinton. They thus stayed at home and Clinton lost their votes.

One important factor is the electoral system in US. We like to think that the United States is one country, but in fact, it is 50 states that cooperate. The states have different arrangements for appointing candidates for the presidential election. Some have primaries, with proportionate selection, while others are content with so-called caucuses or nomination meeting to select delegates to the party convention, which elects the party's presidential candidate. Some delegates are bound to a particular candidate while other super delegates can vote for whomever they want. The presidential candidates (and their delegates) that locks up, is in practice chosen only by a few percent of the electorate.


To complicate things even more, you vote in the presidential election is not directly on a presidential candidate without the electoral college, which more or less committed to a particular candidate. This complicated system makes it set for ingenuity in tactics and strategy, which Trump's team proved smarter to use than Clinton (who was quite confident of victory). It has happened that electors have changed their opinion, but it is unusual. Depending on the population of the state, they have a certain number of electors. States with many delegates will of course be strategically important. In some states, elections are proportionate and in other winner takes all. The latter resulted in this election that Trump in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, won with few voices and took all electors! This arrangement meant that Clinton received more votes than Trump, but Trump won nonetheless with just a little more than one hundred thousand more votes.

Opinion polls showed that Clinton would win. But we cannot rely on polls because all respondents do not want to answer. Or does not answer honestly if they intend to vote for a candidate that is inopportune in mainstream media. Liberal media in the US depicted Trump as an extremist. The working class, poor peasants and lumpenproletariat is not likely to respond to polls, and therefore, the polls was wrong - and Clinton's team was not clear on this.

How can it be that the deprived, poor and oppressed people, who should reasonably be interested in a strong social policy, voted for Trump. Yes, there are several good reasons, but most likely it is a protest vote. White, elderly men and women with their economic conditions deteriorating, identify themselves hardly with Trump and do probably not trust his promises (so stupid, they are not), but by voting for the aggressive demagogue Trump they show their dissatisfaction and the rejection of liberal, established Washington politicians.

These groups are also usually very conservative and therefore very skeptical of the social state and its authorities. They do not think they will get any meaningful help from the authorities in any case. They think they will be better off by free market capitalism. Therefore, they are also negative to the rules and restrictions that hamper the industry. They supports Trump's criticism of environmental agreements.

The social state is associated with the political elite in Washington. This is usually the politicians who live far away from the lives of the disadvantaged regions in the "rust belt", central and southern United States. Trump has presented himself as an aggressive opponent to the political establishment, to which he does not belong - but Clinton embodies. The vulnerable, disadvantaged and disillusioned wanted a change, which Trump pretended hi  stands for, while Clinton's trademark was the same or more of the Obama policy.

Republicans have long worked intensely on turning opinion in the conservative direction by the Tea Party movement and other campaigns. Many also testify that public opinion in the US during the last 10-15 years swung sharply to the right and this have favored Trump and Republicans in this election.
Many of Trump's voters are among those who have been very skeptical - if not hostile - to Obama and his policies. If there would also be a female president with Obama Politics was just too much for them. This must be stopped!

Trump has long been a media celebrity and want to be seen as a tough guy and super capitalist with great success in business. This skills he promises to use and run the administration as an effective capitalist enterprise in his own management. And this will lead to a stripped down and more efficient administration, mainly engaged in the defense of the country. And leave the national conditions to the market forces. This is what political scientists call the night-watchman state. A state with far less international commitments in NATO and military bases around in the world. The tax money will be used at home in US. Voters like Trump's promises of major initiatives of developing the infrastructure, which can provide jobs for workers and middle class now deprived areas.
In the US there is a great reluctance to pay taxes and this is especially true of the people who have no confidence in the political establishment, the state and its agencies. Trump's promises of tax cuts was sweet music in these subversive ears.

Trump wants to scrap or modify trade agreements with Asia and China (PPT) and North and South America (NAFTA), (and never sign the proposed agreement with the EU (TTIP), which he believes are going to undermine the US economy through unfair competition. This in turn creates unemployment, so that we can see in the rust belt and coal mines. Trump's language and aggressive stance is popular among the disappointed and bitter, which says that it is Washington's fault that they have lost jobs and have it bad. The political elite have not seen the broad public interests. They are more interested in US to be big on the world market.

Many small business owners are very negative about Obama's health insurance reform, which has given them increased social security payments and expenses. They believed in the promise of Trump to eliminate "Obama care". Immigration and in particular illegal, primarily from Latin America is for many a very hot topic - not to say anathema. Trump has said he wants to change radically in this, build a (symbolic?) wall against Mexico and expel more than eleven million illegal immigrants. That as many as 30 percent of Latinos voted for Trump is probably related to that the legal, established Latinos experiencing an illegitimate competition from undocumented and would like Trump to throws them out of the country.

Middle- and working-class American is often upset over another unfairly competitive relationship, then certain groups such as Blacks who have lost admissions to colleges and universities, still coming in on special terms. Trump has promised to change these shortcuts. In the States, and especially smaller communities and rural areas where Trump won many votes, he did it partly because he strongly criticized the lifestyle of the upper and middle class Americans live in America's big cities on the east and west coasts. This people, they see as money distended, flashy, career-oriented with a blasphemous lifestyle far from their own idea about a dissent life.  Even less they like the immoral life of the homosexuals are considered live and LGBTQ movement's propaganda. Feminism is not a good thing for Trump's voters and that is one reason why so many white working and middle class women voted for Trump. They argue that their sisters are misled by the left-liberal "suffragettes". The deployable did not like to get a woman president with more of Obama politics.

Trump's voters see a great danger that Islamists and terrorists raging in the world and to some extent in the United States. They agree with Trump on bundle the pack, and kill them. And then not let a single bastard over the bridge. Trump's harsh criticism of the liberal media, they also completely agree to. Modern media has gone from trying to be reasonably neutral reporting to be opinion-forming and set the agenda for reporting and public discussion. They feel that what is being reflected ach discussed in the mainstream media is only to a small extent is about them, their lives, opinions and problems. And if they are noticed, they are sometimes called "white trash" or "rednecks" trash and peasant lips with low social status. Nor, they participate in the same way in the so-called social media as the urban middle class is doing and they have considerably more difficult to get their voice heard. That they would be particularly influenced by demagoguery, hate propaganda and lies in social media, I do not think.

In retrospect, we can see that Trump's voters could have good reason to vote for him. But probably it was first and foremost a protest voting on a bully candidate with a vulgarity and aggressiveness approach  to the establishment which they like very much. It then played no role if Trump will win och not. The mark was enough and it seems that Trump and Co. even themselves were surprised by the win. But they had managed to get the disgruntled masses to the polls.
Therefore Trump won!


Hitler 6.jpg


There are striking similarities between how the social background looked like when Hitler and the Nazis came to power. Germany had lost the First World War and the consequences were felt by the German people. For the middle class and the working class changed a growing wealth through the industrial revolution to economic recessing and radically deteriorating living conditions. Renunciation, discontent and poverty created great dissatisfaction and bitterness in large groups of people. Hitler and the Nazis were good at exploiting this discontent and targeted diatribe against the corrupt political elite. There was also a strong desire for revenge among the people for the treachery Germany has been subjected to at the end of the war. Hitler played brilliantly on these lawsuits and denounced what he saw as not German culture and attitudes.

After the crisis in the US and world economy around 2008 and capital flight to the nations where production costs are lowest, this has taken a toll on the middle class and working class in the countries and areas in the US where the industry earlier was big and strong and gave many jobs. Relatively lower incomes, unemployment and loss of housing in the so-called rust belt in the northeastern and central United States have created great discontent among workers and the middle class. They target mainly his criticism of the political establishment in Washington. In the South there is irritation that illegal Latinos are taking jobs away from Americans. Trump took advantage of this dissatisfaction and promised to create lots of new jobs, as well as Hitler did in the late 30's. The US has lost the war it has been involved in for a number of decades, from Vietnam to Libya and Syria. Even in the United States are among those who appreciate the courage, greatness, strength and tough methods, a desire and longing for revenge. Which Trump effectively been able to play on and attack Washington.

Hitler learned early to use media and new technologies such as radio and film for as often as possible to get his message to the masses. By Hitler's startling statements, emotion and aggression he patronized his audience and received constant media attention. Hitler developed an overbearing style at his performances well organized to gain audience's emotions. Hitler was the savior! And this was precisely what indignation, And this was precisely what indignated and careworn spinsters  wanted to hear. The Nazi propaganda machine was comprehensive and effective and Hitler dramaturgy went home with those who believed that a strong leader would take Germany out of the crisis. Hitler promised to make Germany great and strong again. Those who were not with Hitler and the Nazis were against them and should be fought by all means.

Trump has been at least as effective to use today's media technology for by his aggressiveness and hard attacks on the political establishment, arouse much attention. Through his unorthodox statements and attacks on political opponents, he has every day topped the news. Trump got more attention than Clinton and his former rivals among Republicans. His demagoguery was an effective way to get his message of those who caught more than the toughness of thoughtfulness and critical examination. Clinton had right about the "deplorable," but cannot be said. Trump however, was able to outright lies to portray himself as the savior that will make America great, proud and strong again. Those who do not support Trump is against him and should be fought down and hung out as bad Americans.

Hitler used effectively a scapegoat to blame for Germany's defeat in the war and the economic crisis. The Jews became the perfect scapegoat, because they already through history was unpopular and was identified as a group that was deviant and its own fraction in the community with unjustly much power and influence.

Trump uses the same technology and point out a scapegoat, as he attacks the people of Latin America who sneaked into the country and take jobs from honest Americans. These illegal latinos are criminals freeloaders on the American body and should be thrown out. A wall should be built between the US and Mexico to effectively stop these evaders. Since there is a threat from Islamic jihadists and terrorists, this is of course also an excellent scapegoat to blame. Here, Trump returned to show decisiveness by declaring that when he becomes president, he will ensure that not a single Muslim should be allowed to enter the country. Trump like Hitler is against free trade, which he says is one reason that it is economically bad for parts of the US, as well as it once did for Germany. Is it not it striking how great similarities are when Hitler and the Nazis came to power and when America's great demagogue Trump became the president of the deplorable today?

Hitler 7.jpg


I saw the whole inauguration of Trump on CNN. Can think it's much of a spectacle. But also impressive with all the people coming to the Capitol. And all these politically tough opponents, which brought bitter battles, how they can behave as politely at each other. Obama is really a very nice guy. Too bad for him that his presidency began with the economic crisis that he was so busy trying to steer the ship in to port, he did not manage to take advantage of the favorable political situation for the Democrats and push through the reforms that he has gone to the polls on and he really wanted to do. After the first few years, unfortunately the Republican got majority and sabotaged everything for Obama. He had to resort to the presidential decree, which now Trump can easily unravel.

It was somewhat strange to see and hear Trump's demagogy (which he is good at!) And castigate the political establishment in Washington and at the same time e.g. see Paul Ryan (Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives) and others that really belongs to the establishment, stand there and smile. But perhaps they smiled ironically and thought: Just talk Trump! Obviously, when you listen to Trump's speech, he suffers from hybridized and megalomania.

Also parody that this super capitalist who says he is the man of the people, and now shall get power back from Washington to The People. How can they believe such tricksters as such is known to handle his employees in an authoritarian and shameful ways. But mainly the "deplorable"  voted Trump as a protest against the political establishment, which they distrust, and sometimes even hate.


We understand of course also, when Trump gives his airy promises about how many jobs he will create via an isolationist politic, unless all the talk of Trump only is demagogy and fake, that Trump does not have much knowledge of macroeconomics. Gets really interesting to see how he will cope with the presidency. It's probably harder than he disguised himself!

The day after the inauguration, it is very large, perhaps greater than ever, demonstrations in all major cities in the US and in Europe and Australia. Millions are out and show that they do not accept President Trump and the reactionary politics (that's right, Reactionary is the right word!) he stands for. He wants to roll back a series of social reforms that the Democrats for decades conducted. The demonstrators also says, rightly, that Trump is not a legitimate president. Hillary Clinton got three million more votes, and together with those who voted for the Greens and the Liberals, it is about ten millions predominance of non-Trump. But it is these "deplorable" that the Sweden Democrats, as well as all of the extreme right in Europe call the people; "the people have spoken", etc ... And what about the rest of the people? This is just simple demagoguery. One thing is certain, the election demonstrates a highly fragmented United States of America - an Ununited States of America.

Alf Ronnby